Stylist On-boarding Instructions

Thanks for being part of the StyleMD Stylist Community!! Please read the following instructions carefully. This is an early version of the app and we will continue to evolve the experience as we learn more about what you need when working with clients. 

Don't have time to read through the directions? Watch the video tutorial below.

Getting Started
StyleMD is available in the Apple App Store. You can download the app here.

Once you download StyleMD, you can explore the app and create both client and/or stylist accounts but for the purpose of these instructions we will focus on creating a stylist account.

To get started, you must click the link “Become a Stylist” at The Bottom Left Corner Of The App and follow the steps to apply for an account. Once you create an account we will approve you if we have already been in touch. All stylists must schedule a 15 min interview before they are approved.

We recommend reading our Stylist FAQ for helpful information about interacting with clients, pricing and more. 

Entering Account Data

  • When creating an account as a stylist you MUST enter your bank routing & account information. Your profile can not be displayed to users without this information in our system. 
  • You may also sign up as a client to see how your profile appears in search results.

Ongoing Communication
There are two ways you can provide feedback and/or ask questions:

1. Email the team at or you may also send a note to me directly at

2. It is highly recommended you use our dedicated Stylist Slack channel ( Slack is a popular, free communication tool used by many organizations to keep everyone in the loop. New features and updates will be announced here first. You can use Slack to address people directly (typing the @ symbol before the name), share links, images etc. All stylists in this first wave will receive an invite.

Throughout the month of August and September we will be in a relative quiet period so you will likely not see any users or requests. We expect to ramp up our marketing programs toward the end of Sept and will keep everyone notified of upcoming promotions through Slack.

Social Media
We encourage you to spread the word about your participation in StyleMD. You can tag @stylemdapp and hashtag #stylemdapp and add any other industry tags such as: #style #stylist #fashion #trends #app #newapp #iphone etc.

I look forward to your feedback and once again, you can reach me directly anytime at

Thanks again!!
David & The StyleMD Team
Co-founder, StyleMD