+ How do I use StyleMD?

In order to use StyleMD you must first download the app and apply to become a stylist. Once approved to offer services, you will need to link your bank account to your profile under your Profile > Settings in order to be displayed in search results (and so you can get paid).

After you profile is complete and have linked an account where we can deposit earnings, your profile will be displayed to users searching for areas you have indicated you have expertise in. Once a user purchases time with you, it’s up to you to schedule your first session using the chat icon in your StyleMD dashboard (under 'My Clients').

A few basic concepts to understand when using StyleMD:

  1. All stylists are freelance professionals and while we do our best to find you clients that match your profile, it is up to you to actively promote yourself and make sure you have the most up to date information on your profile.
  2. As a stylist, you may create different packages that combine Video Sessions, Chat Days or both. Experiment with rates and services that work for you but remember to keep in mind who your ideal customer is (are they upscale or budget? Student or senior? Male or female? Etc. Your profile images shoudl reflect your focus).
  3. Video Sessions are counted in hourly increments and we reccommend you log these sessions in the app so your client sees the time reduced on their dashboard.
  4. Chat Days allow you to decide how much interaction you will provide to your clients via messenger. Chat Days count down only when there is communication between both stylist and client in one 24hr period. (You can get creative with the messenger and offer access to daily deals, shopping tips, etc).
  5. Only clients can initiate FaceTime sessions through the app.

+ What type of services can I offer on StyleMD?

If it’s related to fashion, you can offer it. A partial list of services may include: personal online shopper, wardrobe assessment, event specialist, bargain shopping, commercial shoots, beauty consulting etc.

Indicate areas of focus in your profile and what is included with each package offered. The more specific you are, the easier it is for clients to understand what services you are willing to provide with each package. Remember, clients will be comparing you to other stylists so try to stand out from the crowd based on some aspects of your profile (i.e., price, services, experience).

+ How do I price my services?

This may sound crazy but that's entirely up to you.

StyleMD provides a lot of flexibility when creating packages and rates. The key is to be both competitive and to stand out from the rest of the stylists who may be offering similar services.

Not every client wants the same type of services from their stylist. We have started out with 5 top level service tags you should think in terms of: consultations, virtual styling, in person styling, wardrobe assessment, and online personal shopping assistance.

If you are still unsure about how to price your packages, consider the following general guidelines:

* Note: the following are for virtual styling sessions and exclude the cost of any personal shopping budget discussed with your client.

Budget For any one full consulting session (1 hr of face-to-face + 10 messaging days) : under $25

Mid-tier For any one full consulting session (1 hr of face-to-face + 10 messaging days) : $50 - $100

High End For any one full consulting session (1 hr of face-to-face + 10 messaging days) : $100+

Experiment with rates, times and packages to see what performs best for you. You may also want to include in your profile that you are open to customizing packages for clients upon request (particularly in person style sessions which you may want to price higher than a virtual session).

+ Best Practices for Creating New Packages

StyleMD lets stylists create their own packages so you can differentiate your services by price, product offering and availability. It's important to remember your audience when creating packages. Are you targeting the budget conscious or upscale consumer? Are you focusing on male or female - do your images reflect your focus?

Try creating focused product descriptions that reflect the core services you've selected for that package. For an example of a good and bad product description have a look at these images.

+ How to Build Your Client Relationships

Getting the most out of StyleMD requires planning, flexibility and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. We've compiled some guidelines for building relationships so you can get repeat clients.

• Establish a comfortable phone set up before your first session, whether you prop it up with a coffee cup or use a mini tripod.

• Before engaging with a new client, read through their profile entirely. Approach the conversation as though you already have an understanding of your client.

• Be timely and organized. If you are scheduled to talk at 2pm, be ready and prepared 5 minutes prior to your session. Customer service is a big part of being succesful and your clients have busy schedules just like you.

• Log your start and finish times in the app. You can not close out one session until it has been logged.

• We put together a StyleMD Blueprint for your first Intro Session (if you don't have one of your own) to make sure you capture enough information from your client. Listen to your client’s needs carefully so you can provide answers and customize packages that will solve those needs. Add relevant information from your sessions to the notes section of each client log.

• Discuss whether the client would prefer FaceTime (or whatever video platform they prefer), messaging or a combination of both.

• Good communication is critical with StyleMD. Be thoughtful in your questions and answers. You are building a relationship with your client.

Follow the same principles as running any business. The better prepared you are, the more often your clients will come back and refer you to friends. Personal styling is about being a source of trust for your clients. There are plenty of other places your clients can buy clothes from but there's only one place they can find someone to give them unbiased, professional support and guidance.

+ How should I prepare for a session with a client?

Preparing for StyleMD sessions are important, especially if you have never styled anyone using video chat. You may want to start with some information about yourself and areas of expertise. If you have specific credentials, education or experience don’t be shy about letting your client know.

Most importantly, talk to your client about what they are looking for. Listen carefully about what they want to accomplish and ask as many questions as you can to understand their needs across style, budget and approach to fashion. Use our StyleMD Blueprint as a guide to make sure you capture all relevant details.

If you find you engage in video sessions often, consider a cheap tripod (pick one up here for about $2) or prop your phone against a cup or book to minimize movement when working with clients.

+ How do I schedule a session with a client

Once a client purchases a session from you, you will receive a notification through the StyleMD app as well as an email to the account you signed up with. Make sure to keep app notifications turned on. Once you receive a notification you can use the messenger in the app to send an intro note to your client and let them know your availability. Try to be accomodating and proactive when scheduling sessions.

+ How can I offer personal online shopping sessions?

Virtual styling requires some creativity. We are exploring different options for the best way to offer personal shopping on behalf of a client but in the meantime you can manage it a couple ways:

  1. Customize a new package for the client with the expected budget. You can add and delete as many packages as you want and you will soon be able to customize the package descriptions even further (e.g., 'Donna’s Personal Shopping Session').

  2. You may also offer clients a package that includes the heavy lifting of research, putting everything together and then sharing the links with the client so they can purchase the items directly.


My Account

+ What are the fees to use StyleMD?

StyleMD takes 8% of any transaction.

+ How do I get paid?

Once you are approved to offer services through StyleMD, you need to create an account that allows us to deposit your earnings. We make use of a global, secure billing platform called Stripe to process all payments. You can find more information on Stripe at

Your first transfer should post within 7 days. The exact timing of the first transfer can vary depending on many factors. If you have not received your funds by 7 days after your first charges, please verify with us directly ( that the transfer hasn’t failed for some reason and that your bank account information has been entered correctly.

+ What is an Intro Session and why do I need it?

All stylists are required to offer a one-time $5 intro session with a client. This is used to let the client get comfortable with the stylist, and also for the stylist to see that the client is serious about working together.

We will feature stylists from time to time to promote profiles that really stand out. Getting featured on the StyleMD app is a good way to get increased visibility. If you want to be featured, send us a note to explaining why you think you’d be a great stylist for us to showcase and make sure your current profile and packages are complete.



+ How do I reset my password?

  1. Make sure you are using the stylist sign in section at the bottom of the app.
  2. On the sign in screen, tap "Forgot password" and enter your email. You will see a note saying check your email.
  3. Be sure to check your email on your mobile device (not your computer)
  4. Tap the link in your email to “Reset password”. You will see a prompt to Open StyleMD. Tap yes.
  5. From there you will be re-directed to the Change Password screen in StyleMD where you can reset your password

+ Do I need to use FaceTime for my video sessions?

No. You can use any video conference platform you and your client agree on. That could be Skype (on your laptop or mobile), WeChat or WhatsApp. At the end of every video session you simply need to log the time spent in your app dashboard and any remaining time will be reflected in your client's dashboard.

+ What happens if I need to provide a refund?

If for any reason you are unable to fulfill a package a client has purchased, the client is entitled to a full refund. Please send an email to with the word “refund” as the subject. Please indicate the package number, original date purchased (if available), your full name as well as the client’s name in the body of the email. We do not refund sessions that have already occurred unless you request us to do so.

+ What if I don't have an iPhone or supported device?

Android device support is in the works. If you'd like us to let you know as soon as it's ready, send us an email at

+ Is setting up an account with StyleMD secure?

We use a company called Stripe that powers the StyleMD Commerce engine. Here are some frequently asked questions about Stripe.

What is Stripe? Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card and debit card payments online. We have integrated Stripe so you can process payments almost instantly.

Is Stripe secure? Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Click here to learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure.

How does Stripe process payments? Stripe processes all transactions for us. Once you link your bank account through our platform, you are then able to accept payments immediately. Funds are added to your bank account on a seven-day rolling basis.

Is Stripe PCI-Compliant? Yes. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.

Will fraudulent orders or cards be rejected? Stripe maintains fraud prevention by detecting suspicious activity, such as repeated orders, and rejects the transaction. Additionally, Stripe works with its financial partners and credit card networks to monitor fraud globally.

More questions? Learn more at


Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our Stylist Blog for even more info on using our app or send us a note to