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Verified Stylists

StyleMD takes a proactive approach to identifying some of the most qualified and experienced professionals that have created profiles on the StyleMD app.

Our mission is to become the standard for anyone seeking personalized and affordable approach to achieving personal style goals. To do this, we want to make sure we are matching user requests with stylists that best fit their needs. We also recognize that personal styling is an art and science and we want to recognize and highlight those individuals that have a clear dedication to their craft.

We review stylist profiles on an ongoing basis and if they meet the high standards of our lead stylists, we'll add the term "verified" to their profile and they will show up under verified search within the app. Below is a general description of what is required to be verified and we invite anyone who would like to be considered as verified to send us a note for consideration. 

Verified Stylist
A verified personal stylist on StyleMD is someone well versed in personal styling and client interaction. They must represent themselves with the highest level of professionalism on StyleMD, and must have verifiable experience in their field. In order to maintain verified status, stylists must be proactive and on time to all appointments and meetings with their clients and/or notify them at least 24 hrs in advance if they are unable to keep a scheduled time.

Verified stylists should have a background in apparel, with at least 3 years of professional experience as a stylist or in a related field. Education or training in this field is preferred. Photo representation of work is required on their profile, as well as a clear focus of who their target clientele is. Verified stylists must have clearly defined rates and service packages along with a connected account. Blogs and personal websites are a plus but not required.

Think you should be verified? Send us a note at and let us know why.

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