+ How are you different from other fashion apps?

StyleMD is a marketplace for independent fashion stylists. When you look for specific areas of interest we'll match you up with stylists that have expertise in those areas.

With so many subscription services, it can get a little confusing when your specific needs don't all fit directly into one of their boxes. Stylists that list their services on StyleMD focus 100% of their energy on you. That may be a quick mini consultation or you may want someone to work with you on styling, personal shopping and beyond.

Stylists on StyleMD are freelance professionals in the fashion industry and will work with you to achieve your goals based on your budget and style preferences. Stylist rates and serices vary and many will customize a package that works for you.

+ What type of services can I find on StyleMD?

If it’s related to fashion and style, we allow professionals to provide services for it. A partial list of services you can find from our stylists include: personal shoppers, wardrobe stylists, event specialists, wardrobe rehaul experts, bargain shopping, fashion shoots, beauty consulting, and the list goes on.

+ How Do I use StyleMD?

StyleMD is a free app you can download and create an account with. Once you choose your general approach to style we’ll match you up with stylists we think would be a good fit for you. You can review their price packages which may includes a certain number of real-time video sessions and a number of messaging days which can be used to exchange links, images and ongoing communication.

+ How can I prepare for a session?

We suggest thinking about specific goals you're looking to accomplish with your personal stylist. Then try to find a quiet place with with Wi-fi if you are going to have a video session through FaceTime or other video application. Otherwise relax and let your stylist get to know you and discover how they can help - that's what they do best!

+ How do I schedule a session I’ve purchased?

Once you’ve purchased a session, you will be able to exchange messages with your stylist using the chat icon in the dasdhboard of your app. Your stylist will reach out to you directly to schedule your first session.

You can FaceTime with your stylist by clicking on the video icon in your dashboard. Once you've finished your session, any chat days you have purchased along with your package will be activated and you can begin communicating with your stylist any way you like.


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+ Can I contact a stylist before I purchase a session?

Yes absolutely. You can message any of the stylists for free - just tap the message icon on the profile of the stylist you would like to chat with. Some stylists also offer chat only packages so the best way to find someone that fits your needs is to ask questions first and make sure they provide the type of services you're looking for.

+ Can I search by distance or price point?

Yes absolutely. Go to the Find Stylist section of the app and you can search by distance, price or those that have been verified by one of our lead stylists. Stylists will indicate whether they provide in-person, virtual styling or both on their profile.



+ Can I switch out my stylist?

If you have purchased a package from a stylist you can not transfer unused time from one stylist to another.

+ What if I don't have an iPhone or supported device?

We are working on an Android version of StyleMD now. If you would like to be notified when we are ready please send us a note to and we’ll add you to our list so we can notify you as soon as it’s released.

+ Do I need to use FaceTime for my video sessions?

No. You can use any video conference platform you and your stylist agree on. That could be Skype (on your laptop or mobile), WeChat or WhatsApp. At the end of every video session your stylist will log the time spent and you should see the remaining time in your dashboard.

+ I can't access my account?

Be sure you are signing in under the appropriate sign in page. Stylists and Clients each have their own dedicated sign in pages. If you are stylist, use the "Stylist Sign In" link at the bottom of the app launch screen.

+ What is your refund policy?

If for any reason your stylist can not fulfill a package you have purchased, you are entitled to a full refund. Please send an email to with the word “refund” as the subject. Please write your full name, package number purchased, and the original payment date (if possible) as well as your stylist's name in the body of the email. We can not refund a session that has already occurred.